Larry Ludemann, D.V.M.


Larry Ludemann, D.V.M. retired in December 2020 from the Center for Veterinary Biologics-Policy, Evaluation, and Licensing (CVB-PEL) as the Bacteriology Section Leader with over 32 years of experience regulating veterinary biologics in the U.S. He spent 13 years in the CVB laboratory intimately involved in testing and analyzing veterinary diagnostic test kits and virology vaccines, 12 years as a reviewer with a focus on licensing and permitting test kits, and 7 years as section leader.

Dr. Ludemann has extensive experience developing policy related to licensing and permitting veterinary vaccines and diagnostic test kits over the years. He has presented nationally and internationally on USDA policy on veterinary vaccines and test kits. He has experience in eradicating Foot and Mouth Disease from the United Kingdom, Virulent Newcastle disease from California, and Avian Influenza from the live bird market in New York city. He served as the CVB Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee chair for 10 years.